100% Water Car Kit By a Pakistani Engineer – Amazing Pakistani Talent

water car pakistanAgha Waqar Ahmed Khan – The Pakistani engineer who has invented a 100% water car kit. It’s the first time not only in Pakistan but in all over the world that a water kit is made which converts your car in to a fully water driven vehicle. It took him 3 years to make this kit. This kit can work on any vehicle, bike, car, tractor etc.

Check out  this video to see how it in action…

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    Aug 13. 2012

    Water Car: Prologue.

    Any wise person can understand at the spot that it is despicable crime to declare Agha Waqar a fraud with out finding physically any fraud in car that he has already demonstrated in front of top journalists politicians and many Ph.D’s. Some theoretical Ph.D’s has launched hate campaign against the greatest inventor of mankind history Agha Waqar. All objections of these some IRRESPONSIBLE Ph.D’s do not carry any weight and sense. They WRONGLY claim, this invention violates laws of science; in fact it does not. The reason of their totally absurd claims is their jealousy against inventor & their inability to understand that new invention. Sometime they say, Agha is not engineer, so he cannot invent. But Edison the biggest inventor of history was too neither Ph.D nor even B.Engg. Ata Rehman & Hoodbhoy are driving in wrong direction on one way road. Their all hue & cry is, that car cannot be run on electrolysis with battery but they do not know that method of Agha is ABSOLUTELY not conventional Electrolysis. When they will know his method, they will not sleep for many nights.

    A Bold truth is, that a few theoretical Scientists and Ph.D’s are Jahil Ignorant who attach this invention with the “Law of Conservation of Energy” These Ph.D’s are like that donkey of Noble Quran that is loaded with Books (Quran 62:5). Agha’s Water-Kit is the greatest invention of mankind history & that invention has no any relation with the law of conservation of energy & Law of thermodynamics. Soon a time will come when these a few Jahil theoretical Ph.Ds who are insulting Agha Waqar in “TV SHOWS”, will be hiding their faces from public. Please note that the biggest “Practical Ph.D scientist” of Pakistan A.Q Khan has supported this invention. A Ph.D has good knowledge but he cannot claim that he knows all and his knowledge is complete. COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE IS ONLY with Allah Jalla Aala Aleem-ul-Khabir. If I have not visited Lahore that does not mean that I should claim that Lahore does not exist. Existing our some theoretical Ph.Ds has no ability to understand that greatest Invention of Agha Waqar. But instead of admitting that they do not have ability to understand that new invention; they are yelling on this humble gentleman Agha by declaring him fraud. This is extremely irresponsible attitude. Unless fraud is caught physically in that car; no one has right to announce in TV shows that it is fraud. Ph.D’s know of course many things; YET THEY DO NOT KNOW EVERY THING. Only Allah Aleem-ul-Khabir Knows everything. When Prophet Musa (A.S) claimed that he was the most learned man of that time; Allah sent him Wahi & said O Musa (A.S): This is not correct, I have people on this earth who have even more knowledge than you. He was then advised to travel with Khizer (detail is in Sura Kahaf in Glorious Quran)

    We sincerely say, that If Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, & King of Inventors Thomas Edison were alive today, they would had travelled to the house of Agha Waqar in Khairpur Sindh Pakistan to salute Agha Waqar. If “Alfred Nobel” of Sweden could come out of his grave today, he could has suggested “Nobel Prize Committee” that please change name of “Nobel Prize” to “Agha Waqar Prize”. Reader should note that king of inventors EDISON who also invented electrical lamp was so poor that he used to sell Newspapers and used to cultivate vegetables in his house, so to sell them in order to pay expenses of his education. A jealous group who is against the invention of Agha Waqar says, how a diploma holder can invent. First of all Agha has Bachelor in Technology B.Tech, Moreover, reader should note that the biggest inventor of history Thomas Edison was a simple technician. He was not B.Engg or Ph.D.

    First of all, reader should know that Agha is not very good in theory so was unable to explain his greatest invention of mankind history in theoretical terms. He even does not know that what he has invented is a complete new invention that easily cracks water into H and OH & his new technique does not need more current from car battery except tiny milliamps that is less than even the consumption of car radio. So practically there will be no any additional load on car battery. A professional engineer at the spot can know the fact that it is not electrolysis because electrolysis cannot be activated with distilled water. And we know that Agha waqar’s kit uses distilled water. In fact he has invented complete new method which is IN NO WAY conventional electrolysis that need too much electric power to proceed

    Law of Conservation says that energy neither be produced not destroyed but energy can be transformed from one form to other. In Agha’s Kit invention, neither Energy is being CREATED nor DESTROYED; therefore it in no way violates the Law of conservation of Energy or thermodynamics. It is just transforming chemical energy of water into heat energy and then after burning in engine to Mechanical energy. So simply, nothing is changed except that black Petrol has been replaced by White-Petrol[Water}. Black Petrol carries Hydrogen also and White-Petrol Water carries Hydrogen gas also. So any Ph.D or a so called scientists who says, that this inventions violates Law of conservation of Energy for sure he is telling lies to people. The main objection by some these Theoretical useless Ph.Ds is that car battery is unable to sustain the electrical supply to electrolysis unit of that invented KIT because as per these theorists, Energy produced by electrolysis will be less than the energy being consumed by battery and car will not run. But we all have seen that Car is running. That is itself Proof that what Theorists has assumed is incorrect otherwise car MUST NOT RUN but it runs in practice. This is the most important part of this invention. Now this objection of theoretical Ph.Ds seems correct if old conventional technique of electrolysis is used that need too much electric power to proceed. But Agha’s team has invented a new technique of Electrolysis which is core part of this invention. In Agha’s technique, he has used distilled water to make it dialectic between about 20 metallic plates & he put that unit in series RLC circuit that he managed/calculated to operate at resonance level that periodically produce millions of volts, changes plates with distilled water’s dielectric into a very powerful capacitance. In that scenario, Water becomes unable to hold bond between H and OH ions and huge quantity of H & OH gases start to produce. Following video can show u how it works. http://is.gd/vEJETl Because reaction is in resonance so it is now almost self-sustaining. To convert it from “almost self-sustaining” to “100% sustaining” a very little current from car battery is supplied to that gas-producing unit; that current in milliamps is so small that even less than the current that Car Radio uses.
    Also note that Car battery is always charged by builtin electric DC Generator of car in every car when car is running. Therefore in practice this invention will have no any effect on the capacity and life of car battery. It is like mechanical benefit. For example, can one person lift his car with his one hand above ground? Answer is NO. But one person when places Jack between his hand and car, he can now lift car easily. Resonance in RLC circuit is in lieu of that mechanical Jack that lifts car easily. Another example is pendulum of big wall Clock. Another Example is Swing of girl (In Punjabi Kurree) that she makes after tying rope at the branch of tree. At the beginning, she needs someone to push her in swing [external force] but later she will continue swing herself. Now periodically a little external push is needed to keep her continue. Another Example is big wheel. U need force to move it. But when it is is rotating, u need very little external force to continue its rotation. For new invention also very little current of battery is needed to keep the reaction continue. Besides, there is high probability [to be investigated in future] that periodic pulse of millions volts among metallic plates also can fuse some hydrogen partially that creates so big energy that system will easily sustain. Even if we ignore fusion, so high voltage will increase production of H and OH exponentially from 100 to thousands time more than conventional old style electrolysis which will be more than enough that is needed by Car. Kit size is also a factor in production rate. For example for railway engine or a factory, either more Kits or bigger Kits will be designed.

    The biggest test to prove a truth is practical demonstration in front of people which is eyewitness and observation. If old theories of man-made books contradict eye-witnessed demonstration then either old theory is wrong or it need update as per new invention. Agha Waqar has demonstrated his water car in front of journalists, politicians, ministers and many many Ph.D engineers. No one was able to find any fraud in his car. Unless fraud is found physically in that invented water car; it is moral bankruptcy and cheapness to declare that this man is doing fraud. There is another Jealous group of liars who first of all deny this greatest invention owing to their ignorance and inablity to understand this invention. Moreover they are spreading lies every where that what Agha has done is already being done by people from many years. These shameless liars must know that no one ever succeeded in this world to run car SOLELY on 100% Water by replacing petrol 100%. In past people tried not to replace petrol by water but to reduce the consumption of petrol by blending in it some gas. Agha is first person in world who has replaced 100% petrol by water. Just throw petrol tanks away and use water only.

    Thu this invention does not violates any law of physics but we should also tell truth that Science is not dogma or scripture like Noble Quran that will not change. Science has been falsified many times by its own new laws over time. Popular Dalton theory about Atom 70 years ago has been fully rejected and falsified by modern Atomic Physics of Today. Newton’s laws of motion were suspended on September 11th 2001, after 314 years..2nd law of thermodynamics is in fact already debunked in past, see proof at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv53K9MnDuM Also we should know another truth that thu it is good to achieve an Ph.D but a Ph.D is never a license for new inventions. In fact if we study past history, majority of great inventors like Edison were just simple hardworking technicians. This is matter of fact that In Pakistan B.Sc Engineers and Ph.D’s think that how a graduate of Technology can invent? This kind of their thought is based on total nonsense and jealousy. I suggest reader to read following file in which each step of Agha’s invention is given in detail. This file is an excellent source of info for who has good understanding in engineering physics. To Sum up: That Water-kit of Agha team is indeed the greatest invention of mankind history. It will change whole globe and soon no one will be buying petrol. [Author of this article is in the field of practical Engineering physics from past 45 years].

    Debunking all articles and TV shows of Ata Rehman and Hoodbhoy AND OF OTHER Fake Ph.D’s:
    Mr. Ata ur Rehman:
    Refereing to your recent crap article published in The News International 11/12 August 2012, our reply is as under:

    Your objection on this invention and your slandering campaign against this invention is ONLY AND ONLY based on your stubbornness, ignorance and jealousy. I can prove it as follow that what you have said is nothing but a piece of crap that can only be expected from a mentally retarded beast who is burning in Jealousy:

    1- You said that Agha is running car w/o external source. This is ur lie. Water has Hydrogen gas and Petrol has same gas too. In petrol car, battery runs fuel pump and in Agha’s car the current that is used for fuel pump is used to crack water into gases. So ur slander that it is perpetual machine is false and absurd. His new method is new invention and ABSOLUTELY NOT ELECTROLYSIS. U cannot activate electrolysis in distilled water.

    2- You said Agha has no Engineering Degree so he cannot be inventor. This your argument is EXTREMELY shameful because It is absolutely not necessary to have Ph.D or B.E Engg in order to invent. Your this extremely shameful argument can be fully debunked because the biggest inventor of history Thomas Edison was neither a Ph.D nor have B.E Engg. This is fact that most of great inventors were not well versed in theory of sciences. They were just Technicians/Technologists like Agha.

    3- In your TV Shows and in ur articles you have frequently declared Agha a Fraud even with out finding any physical fraud in his car that he has demonstrated already in front of many people. It is your total moral bankruptcy that you are mongering slanders of fraud even w/o Proof against that humble inventor. As per Islamic law, You deserve 80 stripes on your back or u bring physical Proof of fraud.

    4- At the end of your article, you have said that GOV should give exemplary punishment to Agha. This is again your extremely preposterous claim as you are suggesting punishment against the greatest inventor of mankind history against whom you have no any proof of fraud. In fact Gov must give that exemplary punishment to you because it is you and not Agha who is misleading people and it is you who has proved himself a big slander monger.

    5- Truth is this, that Agha is not well versed in theory but yet have brought mother of all inventions. You and your old books have no ability yet to understand this invention. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT ELECTROLYSIS but a new technique. A liter water has energy equal to millions of KW too if u understand what I mean-fusion. You claim that you are Ph.D; yet you do not understand, that in distilled water, electrolysis cannot be activated. Your Ph.D must be investigated if it is not bogus. Because Agha is not well versed in theory, this is why he wrongly introduced his method as electrolysis. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ELECTROLYSIS because battery cannot run car through electrolysis.

    6- The biggest proof of TRUTH is practical demonstration of invention in front of people which is eye witness through observation. That what Agha has already done. If you are unable to understand that invention, that does not mean it is fraud but its mean, you have yet no ability to understand that invention & so you must educate yourself and updated your old man-made laws and theories as per new invention. Are you Allah? No. Only Allah has complete knowledge. A Ph.D know many things YET DO NOT KNOW EVERY THING. In Agha’s system, his invention provides trigger for reaction, then that reaction is almost self-Sustaining. To change it from “Almost Self-Sustaining” to “SUSTAINING”, It need periodical push from car battery. But that push is in milliamps and so small that it is less than the current that car radio uses. Ata Rehman. I will not yet disclose secrets of this invention though I know it fully. I just give u hint and if your brain is still young, that will pick it. In his method Agha’s team provides trigger to start reaction & after, that reaction can be sustained with very very little current from battery. Consider example of Kerosene lamp. You start/lit it once by a little fire; then that works itself. only you have to add kerosene periodically to continue it. Instead of kerosene of this example in Agha’s Kit is needed very little current in milli-amps and more distilled water periodically so that it continues.

    7- You also claimed that what Agha has done is already been done by many in past. Here you have told again 100% lie. In past people has blended gas with petrol to reduce cost of Petrol but no one ever succeeded to replace petrol 100% by water. Agha is the first person who has done so and his invention is clear a TRUTH as is Sun on sky. and u will see it.

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  2. Asif

    Aug 15. 2012

    YEs!! Possible if one can vibrate molecules of water at resonance frequency, Tremendous amount of Hydrogen can be made with low energy current!!! Wonderful if he can change the world!!!

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  3. djshoaib

    Aug 15. 2012

    Thanks for the comments, Hope he can turn the world around with his invention…

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