4 Factors Affecting Online Bookstore Users

Factors Affecting Online Bookstore Users

Factors Affecting Online Bookstore Users

Online bookstores may not be the norm in developing nations such as Pakistan, yet there is no denying that they are a rising trend. After all, the globalization that has taken place in the last few decades has drastically increased the role of technology in our lives. Because of the increased impact of technology, the way we interact with each other and the world has been revolutionized. Everything from our professional lives to our leisure habits have been molded according to the tech savvy 21st century and the activity of leisure time reading is no exception to that list.

Where we once had humungous libraries filled with thousands of books and volumes, we now have Wikipedia and Google. Where we once had a bookstore around every corner, which kept your favorite novel or comics, we now have online bookstores that give you access to so much more.

With the change in the dynamics of the services and the way they are provided to the user, there has been a shift in the perception, attitude, and behavior of users as well. People are now more aware than ever before and they know exactly what they want. This is particularly true in case of avid book readers since they are always looking for a particular type of book and online bookstores are now the place to find it.

Even online bookstores in Pakistan are now sophisticated and modernized enough for the user to access them, rather than going to the conventional brick and mortar bookshop. However, there are certain expectations that are held for the service being offered and if those expectations are not met then the online book buying experience can be bothersome and unpleasant. As such, online book retailers must make sure that they fulfill all expectations of the user and take care of the factors that are most important to them.

This article explores the major factors that affect the purchase decision of the online bookstore user and what they expect from the experience.

What Do Users want?

1. Simplicity:

The first factor that affects the online book-buying user is the simplicity of the online retail store. Now simplicity itself is a very broad term and as such, it includes a plethora of aspects. The layout of the website should be attractive yet not too flashy since simplicity is what the users are looking for.  They want to be able to find the book they are looking for and do so without hassle or complications.

After all, if they are to face complications at the online bookstore, then they might as well visit the bookstore around the corner from their home where the books are laid out clear as day and there is no confusion to make a decision and purchase the book. As such, the website being easy and simple is essential for the online book-buying user.

2. Genuineness:

The second most important factor is how genuine the books are. People who visit online bookstores are there because they enjoy reading and plan to do so from a genuine book, not a pirated one. As such, it is important to only keep genuine books in the inventory, since it is what is owed to the users and it is the ethical business strategy to adopt as well.

3. Price:

Obviously, price plays a big role. Especially while purchasing online books in Pakistan, where there is not much of a trend to purchase items off the internet (at least for the older generation). People might be skeptical when they first visit an online book retailer and for most of them, it might be their first time buying anything off the internet at all. As such, having higher prices on your books is a sure way to deter the users from using your site.

4. Quality:

Imagine ordering a book online, waiting two days for it to be delivered and then finding out it is in a dismal condition. The customer will never buy from that online book retailer again since users demand quality and if they are paying a premium price for it, they deserve it as well. Therefore, if the quality of the book delivered to the customer is good, it is a sure way to lock down that customer for the future.

Online retailers that misstate the condition of the book on their site and deliver a book in disrepair, tend to create feelings of disdain and mistrust among the users for not just themselves but all online book retailers.

These were just some of the factors that affect the online book-buying user and any online retailer that wishes to succeed must take care to fulfill these expectations of the user.

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