Atif Aslam Best Interview with Magazine For The Youth!

Atif Aslam interview 2012Hi friends I’m posting here the Atif Aslam’s best Interview to the Magazine for Youth. It’s a fun to read this and you’ll get to know alot of things about the great singer…


- Star and date of birth

Pisces. March 12, 1983.

- The best thing about being a teenager

Carefreeness – no responsibilities, no time schedules, no formalities.

- I was always listening to…

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Kishore Kumar, because of my eldest brother’s huge musical collection.

- I was glued to the TV for

Mr Bean and the Voltron series.

- My favourite movie was T2

- My favourite actor was

Don’t remember.

- My favourite book was

Dad’s Cheque Book ;)

- My room was full of

My dirty clothes and cricket kit.

- My room walls carried the posters of


- My closet was full of

Socks without their matching half, hehehehe.

- My friends were

Didn’t have many friends.

- My first crush

I think she was my class-fellow in grade one.

- What hurt me the most

When friends agree on something and then don’t follow it.

- My dream was to become

Attacking bowler of Pakistan cricket team.

- I wish I had known then

That this beautiful time will never retunand I should enjoy every bit of my childhood to its maximum.

- Relations with siblings

We all work as a team as ‘Band of Brothers’. Shahzad Aslam, my eldest bro, has been a consistent guide in every aspect of my career. He supported my music with his lyrics and his photography ( Aslam managed me through thick and thin, got the best deals for me and designs wonderful clothes ( Sheraz Aslam, the one elder to me, is like a chum, a friend with whom I share everything. He manages my website and Internet related stuff.

- Relations with parents

Being the youngest, I was pampered the most and of course, I love them more than anyone and anything

- My school was

Grade one and two: Kimberley Hall, Model Town Lahore. Grade three to eight: Saint Paul School, Rawalpindi. Grade nine and 10: DPS, Model Town, Lahore.

- Ragging at college/university

Seniors enjoyed ragging me a lot.

- I couldn’t stand

Rondi maarnay walay bachay.

- My favourite hangout was

Bunking from college and playing tape-ballcricket with a bet price for the winning team.

– S.A.


Stay tuned for more great interviews….


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  1. tushar deewan

    May 07. 2012

    atif bro my sis really love u as a brother . she always said kash vo apko kabhi RAKHI band saake her name is tanya

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    • djshoaib

      May 11. 2012

      Thanks for the comment, I love Atif too, I hope one day Tanya will be able to do so…

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