Atif Aslam Best Interview with Magazine For The Youth!

Atif Aslam interview 2012Hi friends I’m posting here the Atif Aslam’s best Interview to the Magazine for Youth. It’s a fun to read this and you’ll get to know alot of things about the great singer…


– Star and date of birth

Pisces. March 12, 1983.

The best thing about being a teenager

Carefreeness – no responsibilities, no time schedules, no formalities.

I was always listening to…

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Kishore Kumar, because of my eldest brother’s huge musical collection.

I was glued to the TV for

Mr Bean and the Voltron series.

My favourite movie was T2

My favourite actor was

Don’t remember.

My favourite book was

Dad’s Cheque Book ;)

My room was full of

My dirty clothes and cricket kit.

My room walls carried the posters of


My closet was full of

Socks without their matching half, hehehehe.

My friends were

Didn’t have many friends.

My first crush

I think she was my class-fellow in grade one.

What hurt me the most

When friends agree on something and then don’t follow it.

My dream was to become

Attacking bowler of Pakistan cricket team.

I wish I had known then

That this beautiful time will never retunand I should enjoy every bit of my childhood to its maximum.

Relations with siblings

We all work as a team as ‘Band of Brothers’. Shahzad Aslam, my eldest bro, has been a consistent guide in every aspect of my career. He supported my music with his lyrics and his photography ( Aslam managed me through thick and thin, got the best deals for me and designs wonderful clothes ( Sheraz Aslam, the one elder to me, is like a chum, a friend with whom I share everything. He manages my website and Internet related stuff.

Relations with parents

Being the youngest, I was pampered the most and of course, I love them more than anyone and anything

My school was

Grade one and two: Kimberley Hall, Model Town Lahore. Grade three to eight: Saint Paul School, Rawalpindi. Grade nine and 10: DPS, Model Town, Lahore.

Ragging at college/university

Seniors enjoyed ragging me a lot.

I couldn’t stand

Rondi maarnay walay bachay.

My favourite hangout was

Bunking from college and playing tape-ballcricket with a bet price for the winning team.

– S.A.


Stay tuned for more great interviews….


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  1. tushar deewan

    May 07. 2012

    atif bro my sis really love u as a brother . she always said kash vo apko kabhi RAKHI band saake her name is tanya

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    • djshoaib

      May 11. 2012

      Thanks for the comment, I love Atif too, I hope one day Tanya will be able to do so…

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