First Self Made Hybrid Car by NUST University Students, Pakistan!

hybrid car self made The students of NUST University Pakistan made this beautiful Hybrid car. This project was done by 10 students of the university. The project was designed to fulfill their engineering final project requirement but the student says that this is not just the project it was made because their country Pakistan is going through with the energy crisis they are trying to over come this crises and appealing the Govt to support them so that they can make a new innovative and improved model of this car and this can be made on mass level so that it can be reachable by the general public. More importantly this is the first ever hybrid car made by students from Asia. And  its a big achievement for Pakistan…

Specifications of the car:

Weight: 160KG

Fuel Economy: 110km/liter of Petrol

Hybrid car self made pakistan

Hybrid car PakistanSelf made Hybrid CarHybrid car from Pakistan

Muhammad Shoaib is a patriotic Pakistani. He loves to write about our beautiful country and is trying to spread a positive image of Pakistan through Love, Peace and all that....


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  1. Majid Ali Awan

    Oct 06. 2012

    Great job guys best of luck !

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