Made in Pakistan – A Plane made by Proud Pakistanis!

pakistani planeMr. Qazi Sajjad from Peshawar has made a plane. He is a mechanic by profession but his passion made him do this. He got inspired from a small plane in the James bond movie. He started to make a model plane with bamboo and paper, then later on he continued give it a real picture. Then he motorized it, progressing to a power takeoff. First he placed a small engine, but was not able to get the plane off the ground. Then he fitted a ‘Rotax engine’ which is designed for the plane and which improved the flying. Check out the video below…

plane made in pakistanmade in pakistan

Muhammad Shoaib is a patriotic Pakistani. He loves to write about our beautiful country and is trying to spread a positive image of Pakistan through Love, Peace and all that....


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