Pakistan Election 2013 Voters Gender Profile

11 may elections 2013The Pakistan Elections 2013 has gone now and the results are quite clear with PML-N being the leader with the majority seats. So here we congratulate PML-N and their Leader Mian Nawaz Sharif for getting the majority and appearing as the majority party in the country. The elections was held on 11th May by the Election Commission of Pakistan. Th turnover was great with over 60% of voters casting their votes for the country, which is by far the highest turnover seen in the country if we compare it with all the previous elections. Both male and females participated in this election 2013, however women turnover was quite less, but high as compared to the previous elections. Check out the following infographic to see the  provinces wise voters gender profile in this Elections 2013.

election 2013 pakistan 11th may



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