Pakistani Made Brain Controlled Artificial Robotic Hand – Pakistani Technology 2012!

artificial robotic hand from pakistanCheck out this amazing Pakistani technology of 2012. Pakistani engineers has developed a “MYO-Electric Prosthetic Upper Limb which is a brain controlled artificial robotic hand. The device is tested on an 14-year old boy amputated with both arms and it worked great. The project was funded by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The group member who did this successful project are:

  • Dr. Akhter Pervez (P.I)
  • Mohsin TIwana
  • Bilal Shahid
  • Umar Ansan
  • Kashif Hafeezpakistani talent

It’s the final year project of group of mechatronics students. Such hand unit is available commercially only in U.S being manufactured by a company Ottoback. This project currently stands as the top 20 projects in the world.

check out this video to see the robotic hand in action.

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  1. Shahid Masood

    Aug 09. 2012

    I once met Mr Mohsin Tiwana. I am yet to meet such an inspirational and down to earth person in my life

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