World First Pakistani Microsoft Expertzone PC VIP Contest WINNER! 2012.

microsoft expertzone pcMr. Mufti Khalid becomes the first Pakistani ever to win the Microsoft Expertzone PC VIP contest. Currently he’s working as the Microsoft Advisor, BestBuy, WA. On his video at YouTube, he describes his win as:

With the prayers of my deceased mom and all my family, friends recently I took some Microsoft courses, quizzes,tests and after finishing all, I entered into Microsoft Expertzone PC (Personal Computer) V.I.P Demo (Demonstration) Contest in the entire country and technically in the whole world. “Microsoft has to pick 5 winners around the country and their judges had to decide the final contestants from all Expertzone VIP members. This Microsoft website is exclusive for Elite Sales Professional(s) and Microsoft Advisor members only, who sells their products, e.g: Windows, MS Office, Hardware & Services. So, with the final results Microsoft put me TOP WINNER’s position among 5 others in the entire USA. I feel this is an honor for all of us, where my origin (Pakistan) is and Its just for encouragement for everyone. Want to Thank all Microsoft Expertzone team members.

Muhammad Shoaib is a patriotic Pakistani. He loves to write about our beautiful country and is trying to spread a positive image of Pakistan through Love, Peace and all that....


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