World’s First Water Car made by Pakistani PHD Dr. Ghulam Sarwar

water car from PakistanA talented Pakistani PHD Doctor Ghulam Sarwar has created the world’s first car which uses water as a fuel. Its a much needed invention in a crisis country like Pakistan, where there’s no CNG and Diesel & Petrol prices have been getting out of range for people. At this time the invented car utilizes 60% water and 40% Diesel or fuel, but the Dr. Sahib is working hard to make it run purely 100% on water, probably by end of June 2012 he’ll be able to do this. Another big achievement of this car is that it emits “Oxygen” rather than the usual Carbon, yet it is very economical.

We hope Dr. Sahib will be successful in making this kit work fully on water. If this really happens, it will be a huge achievement for the whole nation and definitely it will solve some of our problems as well…

Muhammad Shoaib is a patriotic Pakistani. He loves to write about our beautiful country and is trying to spread a positive image of Pakistan through Love, Peace and all that....


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  1. mr zulfiqar madina munawara

    Jun 04. 2012

    dear dr sahibpower house jo fuel pe hain pls pls es koi hul dekheen dr sahib pakistan doob raha hai zurdari bhi jhoota hai aur borha nawaz shreef bhi zurdari jesa hai dr sahib pehlee power house baad meen cars dr qudeer khan sahib ki turha aap bhi pakistan ko buchayeen plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls zulfiqar ali madina munawara

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  2. amjad aziz

    Jun 18. 2012

    pl Hurry up USA has already launched these kits in the market

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    • djshoaib

      Jun 19. 2012

      I’m sure US have no idea about this one. This one is from a Pakistani master mind…

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  3. mr zulfiqar from madina munawara

    Jul 02. 2012

    dr sahib aap mobile no tu detee hain liken mobile off miltee hain aap pehle power house ko water pe lee ayeen yeh koshesh kreen pls

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    • djshoaib

      Jul 10. 2012

      INSHALLAH dr. Sab will do something for that as well. Will try to find his new number and share it here

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